Here’s what MMA Mixed Martial Arts is all about

MMA is an abbreviation of the Mixed Martial Arts fighting sport. Its similar to other contact sports like judo, boxing, thai or wrestling but actual includes all of these styles of fighting within its sport. Although MMA is a highly dangerous sport it is managed within a control way with certain rules to protect the fighters.

UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championships is the worlds largest Mixed Martial Arts promotional company. They began back in 1993 and took MMA to a new level. Although the sport became popular in the 1990’s records of the sport can be traced back to the ancient Olympics time.

In December 2006 a massive media coverage fight took place between the UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and former champion Tito Ortiz. This took the sport to an all new level and gained massive popularity simply because it was broadcast all over the media. This brought a world wide public recognition and many news fans and enthusiasts.

With every combat sport there has to be a certain amount of rules to protect the fighters, rules which lacked in the early history of the mma sport. The sport is very dangerous and the rules have changed quite significantly over time to simply protect the fighters health. Open fingered gloves were introduced to protect knuckles from cuts and the fight times were reduced to three 5 minute rounds.

MMA gearor clothing is an iconic part to the Mixed Martial Arts sport. It is very similar to the clothing of other contact sports like boxing and kick boxing. Generally male fighters wear shorts, open fingered gloves, mouth pieces and groin protectors. Females usually wear tight fitted sports tops, shorts, gloves and mouth pieces. All fight gear was introduced to protect the fighters from serious injury.

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